Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Due Date Schmue Date

On this day nine years ago, I had hoped to be holding my first baby in my arms. After all, January 29, 2004 was the due date. There's such a build up. So much expectation. And third trimester discomforts make a mommy-to-be really, really (did I say really yet?) ready for that little one to arrive. The crib might not be put together. There might not be a big enough diaper stash. There may not be enough onesies or blankies, but when the time finally comes, it should come. Right? There shouldn't be any of this, "Oh, babies never come on their due dates" business. And it certainly doesn't help when future grandmas start calling two weeks before the due date asking if Baby is here. Umm...don't you think we would have let you know?

But, it wasn't to be. Our little boy didn't arrive on January 29, 2004. Or January 30 or 31st. Evan was meant to be a February baby...

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F Moseley said...

We grandparents were really looking forward to our first grandchild. Hard to believe it's been 9 years.