Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Disney World - Day 3, Magic Kingdom

Another fountain, another wish!

Our third day at Disney World was spent at the Magic Kingdom. We had decided before our arrival, that we would only go to Magic and Animal Kingdoms. After spending the better part of the day at The Boneyard playground at the Animal Kingdom, we thought our last two days would be better spent back at Magic. Duncan wasn't first, but he came around.

We got to explore New Fantasyland on this trip! It's the newest addition to Disney World. The new parts are dedicated to scenes from Beauty and the Beast (Beast's Castle! and the amazing Be Our Guest Restaurant, which we'll have to try next time), The Little Mermaid, and Snow White. Not all of the rides/attractions were open, yet. But we were thrilled to get a peak at the new stuff.

Here we stand in line for Ariel's Journey Under the Sea. I didn't really take any pictures during the rides, as I had my camera set to Burst mode, and the flash wasn't available. Why not turn it off, you ask? Yeah, I didn't figure that out till we got home.

Prince Charming's Carousel was a hit with both kids.

Especially for my little princess.

Too short to get into serious trouble!

Winnie the Pooh is a great ride. It's not just because they did a wonderful job on the animatronics.

It was also great because there were all these really cool things to play with while we waited in line. This line was fun! I wish they could do something similar for other lines. The line for Peter Pan was 70 minutes or more (we got fast passes the two times we rode.) The ride is mediocre at best. Line playtime would make up for it!
We headed out in the afternoon with vague thoughts of returning in the evening. We got back to the condo, and my parents suggested that Justin and I have a date night back at the park while they watched the kids. It was a win-win, because we got our date, and Duncan got to see the season finale of Ninjago! Justin and I hit all the big kid rides. We got in the Space Mountain line first. It was a long wait. Nowadays they have fun things in this line, too! When I was a kid they had little campy pictures of space ships and future-y things. Now, they have video games! Playing definitely helped make the wait more tolerable. Once we got in the last holding area where the line snaked around, no more games. We just got to watch other people getting on. But it was our turn soon enough. If the lights were on, Space Mountain probably would be relatively tame. In the dark? It's pretty scary. Justin summed it up pretty well at the end with, "they sure jerk you around a lot." You can't tell which way the ride will go, because it's so dark, so there's no way to prepare yourself. Still loads of fun though!
Because it was chilly the line for Splash Mountain was nonexistent. We got right on and enjoyed the ride and didn't get too wet. We rode Big Thunder Mountain next. And because Justin had so much fun on Splash Mountain the first time, we decided to ride it again. This time I got pretty wet! Oh well! It was a nice date to end a great day.

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