Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Disney World - Day 2, The Animal Kingdom

Disney World was decked out for the holidays already when we visited in November. This huge Christmas tree greeted visitors as they entered the gates at the Animal Kingdom.

There were many things we had hoped to see there, but we mostly saw a lot of this. The Boneyard. It's a really magnificent playground in Dinoland USA. Duncan begged to go to the playground as soon as we got to the park. We hoped to get away and see, you know, some animals after the playground. Yeah. They played for two hours!

Justin hangs out with the Triceratops heads while watching...you guessed it...the kids play on the playground.

Duncan riding a dino.

There is a huge dinosaur straddling a bridge that goes from the playground to the little dinosaur dig area (aka sandbox, although it wasn't sand.)

Periodically, kids can go search for fossils at the dinosaur dig. Miranda loved it, because it was basically a huge sandbox.

Even the giant dinosaur looked festive!

Finally, the kids got tired and hungry enough to take a break from playing and get some food.
Duncan decided to ride the Triceratop Spin with Daddy, so Miranda and I went exploring.

And she requested face paint. This design was the Rapunzel. Then she wanted to go on the ride. The boys were done already and wandered over to check out the Primeval Whirl. After trying to get Miranda to understand the concept of waiting your turn, we finally got on the ride. And, yes, the giggles were worth the wait! Duncan bailed on the scarier ride, and we headed out of Dinoland USA. Justin and I got fast passes for Expedition Everest. We headed that way while my parents, aka Grandma and Grandpa, took the kids to see the Birds of Prey demonstration. Expedition Everest is more of a real roller coaster than the usual Disney fair. And.It.Was.Awesome! I just have to say that riding backwards and in the dark is a lot scarier than expected! We met back up with the group and tried to head to the front of the park to catch Festival of the Lion King. We missed the safari (sigh...), the train ride, and the Kali River Rapids. Although, after seeing several people soaking wet, we weren't really upset over that one.

We were almost to the front when we got stuck in the parade traffic. So, we stopped and enjoyed it!


By the time the parade was over, both kids were asleep. Two hours plus running around in the Florida sun will do that to ya! I had hoped that the kids would experience Festival of the Lion King. But nobody wanted to wake them up, and it turns out I was really the only one that was interested.

So, just Dad and I went to watch. I was disappointed that it wasn't the puppet animals they have in the Broadway show. But it was still really good. Then, back to the condo for dinner and crashing for the night.

Miranda was able to score a lollipop (or more than one!) each day we were at Disney World. It became a joke that she could spot a lollipop from 100 yards away. It's funny, because it's true! Of course, when the lollys are that big, they're hard to miss!

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