Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nature's Bubble Wrap

Our neighbors have a couple of Sugar Maples in their front yard. Every year around Halloween those trees drop their leaves and cover every inch of that yard. They rake them up neatly into piles under the trees. Nice, perfect circles. They don't bag them up or blow them away. Why not? Because they remember when their daughter jumped in the leaves, and they encourage Duncan and Miranda to jump, too.
Duncan always is the first to jump in.
Miranda looks on from our drive way.
But the fun is too much too resist!
The leaves crunching!

 The mess making!

It's kind of like Nature's bubble wrap.

It doesn't take too long before somebody starts picking up leaves to throw.


And Mommy's the perfect target!

A moment to reflect on the beauty of Nature.

And then back together to try to knock every last leaf down!