Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summer Music and Fun

At the end of Miranda's school year last May, the kids from her preschool put on a little production. It all started well...


But Miranda has never been one to participate in the singing and dancing. (Unless you start singing a Disney princess song, and then she is so in!)

Her teacher tried to get her to do the little hand motions. 

She got Miranda to participate by performing hand over hand.

And by the end of the program, Miranda decided to play along!

All done!

Duncan and Miranda both participated in a Summer Vacation Bible School. Miranda played in the hall with Daddy, while Duncan donned his shirt and made some music! Here he is playing with the children's handbell group.

I'm pretty sure this is when he was wishing he'd joined the Drum Group (because they were fantastic!)

And doing a little singing and dancing during the main part of the program. He also read a little passage. I was so proud!

Pooped out after a long week of fun!

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