Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the Contrary...

Lately, we've felt a little like we should have named Miranda, "Mary." But why, you may ask. Miranda is a beautiful name, you may say. When we decided on the name Miranda, I looked up the meaning on all of those Baby Name websites. It means to be admired. How sweet! And she is admired. And she is sweet. Well, usually. But she is a bit contrary.

Collective groan.

Well, bad jokes aside, Miranda does have a tendency to disagree. With everyone. About everything. I swear she sits and waits for Duncan to make a decision about something...what show to watch, what flavor ice cream to eat...she waits, watching Duncan choose. Then says she doesn't want to do that, she wants (fill in the blank.) She seems to take perverse pleasure in upsetting her brother. I always feel like she knows how to push my buttons, but really, she's got Duncan's button pushing down to an art form. And his reaction (or should I say over reaction?) makes it all worthwhile. This made any decision making over the summer a tedious affair. It seemed ridiculous that she didn't want cookies or a trip to the bounce house. She didn't want to go, because Duncan did. Pure and simple. Or so I thought. I thought she was just a meanie. But it turns out she's just contrary. And perhaps a bit nit-picky as well.

Since school started Miranda seems to be turning over a new leaf. She seems happier. Nicer. She's more willing to snuggle. She doesn't always fall down in a meltdown over the teeniest little thing. I wish she didn't do this at all, but we're making progress! I'm sure she still disagrees with Duncan over almost everything, but it seems more like Service with a Smile. And punches with a grin. But even with her improving attitude, she still has a hard time agreeing to just about anything.

"Look Miranda," I'll say, "See the monkey?"
"That's not a monkey. It's a brown monkey." She replies.
"Do you like George?" I ask.
"That's not George, it's Curious George."

And when she gets heated up over something, the questions get more personal. And more amusing to her parents. She doesn't always want to hang out with her Daddy first thing in the morning. He tries to lay on the charm:
"How's my sweetie this morning?" he asks.
"I'M NOT A SWEETIE!" she responds with venom.
"My, are you cranky today?"
"I'm NOT cranky!!!!" She cranks.

She is a stubborn little person, which my dad constantly (and perhaps, gleefully?) reminds me that she gets it honestly from her mom. When she decides on what she wants, it's very difficult to bend her will. I'm not trying to change her personality. I'm just trying to change the TV show! Last week she had her heart set on "Spookley, the Square Pumpkin" (a Halloween movie), but it wasn't on that day. And it wasn't going to be on for several more days. And not on On Demand! I tried to smooth things over with suggestions of Halloween episodes of other usually favorite shows. Nope. Even when I suggested The Octonauts (which I also like), she said, "I don't like The Octonauts." If I put it on anyway, she repeated her remark and insisted on Spookley. Eventually, I'm sure we were able to settle the matter. And, guess what? The last time Spookley was on? Yeah, she didn't like that, either.


Sherrie said...

Wait, is Dad somehow claiming he's not like this?!!

Also: little sisters! ALWAYS. ;-)

Renee Dooley said...

Hm. That little rascal. What happens when you suggest doing the opposite of what you want to do? You know, the whole reverse psychology thing? I'm guessing she'd see right through that.

Pam said...

Sherrie: Hey! I resemble that remark. And, yeah, I always mention that she gets it from his side of the family!

Renee, I don't know. Sometimes she gets kind of caught up in her own negativity! Although, we do play a game when she starts saying no, I'll say yes, and it dissolves into the giggles. Which is much better than a meltdown!

F Moseley said...

I am innocent.