Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Little Boy is Growing Up

Duncan went to the dentist for a cleaning last month. As the hygienist did her work, she mentioned that one of Duncan's front teeth was starting to wiggle. It's not something I had noticed while helping him brush and floss his teeth. So, we both wiggled it. And probably giggled a bit.  

It wasn't till almost a month later that it really started to wiggle. That evening I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. Duncan came in and said, "It's really loose! I think it might be coming out." And then, like a boss, he wiggled it and manipulated it, and pulled that little sucker out! No tears, no freaking out. Just pulled it out, and handed it over. I made a big deal over the first tooth. I yelled to Daddy downstairs. His response? "Ok." I called my parents'. They seemed suitably excited. 

I put the tiny, little tooth in a (huge) envelope with "Duncan's 1st Tooth" and the date, and we tucked it under his pillow.  

Here he is all ready for the Tooth Fairy! We talked a little about the Tooth Fairy. He made a comment about how he thought she was pretend. I asked him who he thought collected all those teeth. And he said, "Someone who lives up in the sky." 

It's good to have a little magic in your life, right?

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