Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer 2012

You know you're having a good summer when a toilet ends up in your front yard!  Woohoo!  Or should I say, "You know yer a redneck" instead?!  It's no longer there, but we do have a new one in the guest bathroom!
This summer I had planned on having activities to choose from.  Like having things to select from a hat or something.  Duncan would stick his hand in and..."Today, we go to the Bounce House!"  We did a fair amount of swimming and bouncing and running around, but nothing was ever really planned.  Unorganized chaos is how I think of it.  But at least we had a lot of fun!

Miranda wore (and is still wearing!) a swim suit every day.  Even if we weren't going to the pool!

Duncan built an epic train layout.

He also built with Legos. He always had some sort of Lego project going on.

And by the end of the summer Miranda started to get creative, too. She didn't build with Legos (although, she wants her own SO bad!) She decided sleeping in a tent was cool. She didn't bother with the real tents with stakes and string and canvas to mess with. Just give the girl a blanket and some furniture and she's set!

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