Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This morning I had what I call an Evan dream.  I haven't had one in a couple of years.  I always try to write the dream down as soon as I get up, so that I can remember it again later.  I couldn't find my journal, so I'm writing here.

In the dream Justin and I were looking at photos of Evan and Duncan that we hadn't seen before.  They were playing together in the sunshine.  They were giggling and holding hands and rolling around together.  Their arms intertwined as they played.  Evan, as always, was gentle with his tiny little brother.  The photo was of their arms intertwined in this beautiful golden sunlight.  With some sort of dream technology, we were able to flip the picture around to find that behind the arms, Evan and Duncan were holding hands.

I woke up thinking how beautiful and warm that sunshine was.  It was 5:30am and I didn't really want to get up to write anything down (I probably would have gotten more detail.)  Because I went back to sleep, I had another short Evan dream!

The first part of the dream a neighbor was bulldozing his back yard, and ended up bulldozing ours, too.  I went out to speak to him and got distracted by something else.  Pretty soon, Justin came out.  And that part was over and we were at a restaurant with Evan.  We ordered something for Justin and me, thinking that Evan would eat some of mine.  The order came.  Justin had ordered some weird bird's nest sort of dish.  He had to crack through this outer shell to get to some rice mixture inside.  With some help from another customer, he figured it out.  I had some pancakes.   Unfortunately for Evan, they weren't just regular pancakes.  They were more savory than sweet.  I offered him some, but he said they smelled funny.  I was on the verge of ordering something else for Evan (or suggesting going by IHOP!) when...

Somebody knocked something over with a crash in real life and I woke up.  Sigh....  It was nice to hear his little voice again.


grandma said...

He was so special. Beautiful memories keep him close.

F Moseley said...

I had an Evan dream a while back. More accurately an Evan and Duncan dream. Evan was chasing Duncan. Duncan had a cap on and every time he would start running the cap would fall off. He would stop to get it and Evan caught him. They would both laugh uproariously.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pam,

I am so happy you had those dreams of Evan. It is truly a gift to be able to see and hear him again. I pray you have many many more. Thanks for your comment on CB, I'm touched that you continue to keep up.

Much Love,