Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Butterfly Garden

Just a quick post of pictures from a week ago.  

My first attempt at a small succulent garden!  Hen and chicks and a couple of others I don't know.  So cute!

I think I picked up this Agastache "Black Adder" last year from Santa Rosa Gardens.  Agastache is known more commonly as Anise Hyssop, because it has a scent of licorice (you know, anise.)  It's a US native and supposedly drought tolerant.  So far "Black Adder" has done well with heat and drought, unlike my experience with Agastache foeniculum (at least, I believe that was the one I had.)  It was very droopy in hot, dry weather, so "Black Adder" is an improvement in my garden.  It grows only to 2-3 feet tall and slightly less wide.

The Knockout Rose has made gardening with roses in the Deep South a lot more fun.  No, most of them don't have a scent, but I can live with that because of its black spot resistance.  They've performed consistently well for my Zone 7B garden.

I just can't praise the Almighty Echinacea enough!  This is Echinacea purpurea "White Swan."  I love the daisy like flowers more than I can say.  They are pleasing during the day and night!  They're doing so well (and are soooo easy!) that I can't understand how I managed to plant Evan's Animal Garden without them!  So, I will definitely be adding some in sometime this year.  Because Evan's Garden is across the creek from the house, it's nice to have colors that will pop.  That way I can enjoy them even when it's too hot to go out.  "White Swans" grow to about 2 to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

"White Swan" is an old garden favorite.  "Kim's Knee High" is a newer edition.  It is also Echinacea purpurea.  But it's a bit smaller than the Purple Coneflower.  She can fit in nicely near the front of the border at 1-2 feet tall and wide.

I moved a lot of things around last year to make a nice, twisty garden path in my Butterfly Garden.  I was clever enough to place a few Lavenders along the path, so that I would brush up against them and smell that Heavenly scent!  They bloomed like crazy recently and the bees were very, very happy.

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