Friday, June 1, 2012

Justin got me some of those Topsy Turvy planter thingies for Mother's Day this year.  I planted some tomatoes and basil and hung them up the other day.  I decided to use some Miracle Gro Moisture Control soil.  I didn't realize until days later that the packaging says don't use the MC garden soil in containers.  Anyone have any idea why?  I don't plan on removing it, unless it has harmful ingredients (the label looked like all normal stuff to me!)  I'll read the directions beforehand next time!

After some early heat this year, May turned out to be a pretty lovely month!  Plants are blooming all over the place.  I'm afraid with all of these summer things blooming now, that we won't have anything in bloom in June or July.

The Daylilies are clearly enjoying the weather.  They've been blooming their little hearts out for weeks.  The above Daylily is "Paper Butterfly."  It has HUGE blooms!  The plant is probably no more than 12-18" tall, but a good spreader.  And they have some random re-bloom throughout the season.  One of my favorites!

This is one of the white Hydrangeas I got at Easter a year or two ago.  Last year one was slightly blue and the other slightly pink.  But this year they are both white.  Big, beautiful blooms.  I accidentally cut the plant back to several inches above the ground in late winter.  I do this with my H. aborescens, and got pruning happy.  Not sure what the species is of this Hydrangea, but the pruning didn't seem to bother it.

One of the Drift Roses I picked up last year.  This one has coral blooms.  Very pretty.  It hasn't gotten as big as my pink ones in the front yard, but it was purchased later AND gets less sun.  We'll see how she'll take off this year.

The "standard" Echinaceas always impress.  The newer cultivars aren't always as tough or as long lasting. This is Echinacea purpurea "White Swan."  I love the daisy like flowers.  Love them!  Tough, heat and drought tolerant, pretty flowers...what's not to love!  I know some folks have issues with reseeding, but that has not been a problem for me at all.

Another beautiful daylily!  I bought this one last year during a mid Summer sale.  I wanted some more red in the garden.  Unfortunately, I don't know the cultivar name.  The plant is probably around 18-24" tall, with the flower stalks going taller.  I love having some taller Daylilies to give more height to my sometimes one dimension garden.

Some pretty yellow Daylilies that border the Veg garden and lawn.  I don't know the name of these, either.

The Veggie Garden!  Or part of it!  Here are potatoes and onions.  And the spot where the whole pack of carrot seeds failed.  The green business to the right is the peas and lettuce that I just pulled up last week.  I plan to put in green snap beans for the summer.

And last but not least, we have Stokesia laevis.  Small plants with pretty lavender/blue flower stalks.  Native to the Southeast US.  It seems to do fairly well with the heat, but does get a bit droopy with high temps and dry weather.  Not so bad that I've lost one, though.

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