Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dress for Success

Miranda, like most divas, enjoys a few outfit changes throughout her day.  Lately, she's gone with a dress in the morning, a swim suit in the late morning, possibly (the old standby) Thomas shirt in the afternoon, and perhaps even another cute dress or night gown at the end of the day. of Mommy's shirts that fits like a dress.

Sometimes, she'll even hunt down a Halloween costume to make the day really special.

When she's feeling a little avant garde...

What do you think?  One sleeved gown with almost a mermaid skirt.

Or maybe those are just Mommy's Halloween themed PJ's!

And sometimes a potty seat is the only thing that can put her in the right frame of mind.

And, as the tabloids are giddy to tell you, all divas end up making a tragic fashion error every once in a while.

Peace out!


Grandma said...

What a hoot! She's made my day.

Trish said...

Loved it! So Cute!


Anonymous said...


Jude x