Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Butterfly Garden...Mostly

I dusted off the fancy camera to take some pics the other day, only to find out that the batteries were dead.  And, naturally, there were no new double A's.  So,  I got the pocket camera out to do the job.  It's my Panasonic Lumix ZS10 that I got for Christmas last year.  And really, I need to take it through the paces anyway.  I'm no expert photographer and not even a hobbyist, so any opinion is not very educated.  That being said, I think the Lumix takes nice quality closeup images of my plants.  The Pansies pictured above are finally putting on a show.  I planted them in the fall in the front yard and was disappointed (again) with no winter blooms, even though we had a VERY mild winter here.  Now that it's warming up so much (read: so early!) the Pansies will be getting leggy and it'll be time to tell them goodbye.

The neighbor's beautiful Dogwood tree.  Dogwoods have always been a favorite of mine.  Beautiful flowers in spring, and beautiful umbrella like canopy in summer.  Just...nice.

The Rose bushes are starting to put on blooms here and there.  Can't wait for the big display in a couple of weeks!  This is one of the Pink Drifts I purchased last year.

And now to the Butterfly Garden in the back yard.  I just purchased this White False Indigo Baptisia alba last year.  I had a blue one and moved it last year, and it doesn't appear to have come back.  I think I'll replace it.  I just love the blooms and the foliage.  Neat native plants that can put up with heat and drought.

The Columbines are still blooming their little hearts out!

Another purchase from last year!  I'm so glad all of these plants made it, considering the very hot and dry summer we had last year.  I bought this peach colored Foxglove Digitalis from Santa Rosa Gardens.

Blooms of Heuchera 'Vesuvius' and Centaurea Montana (called Bachelor's Buttons or Cornflowers) intermingling.  Of course, I have two of those Heucheras, and the blooms are different colors.  I wonder which one is mismarked.  One of these days I'll look into it.

Pretty blue blooms!

I got a big chunk of these Irises from a friend in trade several years ago.  She may have told me what they're called at the time, but I don't really remember.  They've spread and been divided a few times, and give me lucious blooms in spring.  Just...beautiful!

And here's the progress of the lettuce and my sweet peas in the Veg Garden.  I just recently planted onions, strawberries, and carrots (seeds).  I hope to get some potatoes in the ground soon, although I know it's getting kind of late.  In a "normal" year, I think this time would be ok, but with temperatures already like that of May or June, I'm afraid I may have waited a little too late.  We'll see!

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