Monday, April 23, 2012

Building Blocks

Most kids seem to enjoy building things.  Usually they start off with large building blocks.  In fact, the number of blocks a kid can stack (into a tower) is one of the questions doctors ask at a well baby checkup.  It's some sort of measure of development.  Or something.  Kids, as they grow older, often will start playing with smaller and smaller blocks.  Or if they have gullible parents (raises hand), they'll do something even with furniture.

We bought these toy storage things from Ikea a year or so ago.  Justin commented at the time that they resembled steps (something the kids noticed right away, too.)  I just thought they looked like the perfect solution to a ridiculously messy toy room.  And toys generally do end up in the red buckets.  But the "steps" get pushed around to be used for fun, rather than function.  I suppose they do get the furniture moving gene honestly from their LaLa.  But at least she lets things stay in place for more than a day (possibly because they're all so heavy!)

It's nice to have somewhere cushy to sit in your Little Kid Hideout.

And the phone is essential.  This is a "track phone."  No, not a Tracfone.  This is a phone made out of Hot Wheels track.

And here Miranda takes the conversation to the next level.  Literally.

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Mom said...

You are such a good writer. I laughed so hard.Mom