Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yeah, I'm 40

I turned 40 back in January, and I've been so stoked about it that I'm not posting till now.  Yeah...right.  I did get a most excellent cake, however.

That many candles on a birthday cake is scary!

Waiting patiently for the good stuff.  There were no balloons or surprise guests.  Just our little family, and...


It was yummy!

It was hard to beat.

But my pressies were pretty great, too!

A bunch of Jeeves and Wooster books and movies.  Something I've wanted for ages!

And the present that Miranda claimed.  ('s another book!)


Anonymous said...

That's some cake!
Caaaaaaaaaaaaaake! ;)

Jude x

Pam said...

It was really, really good. Just looking at the pictures makes me want another one!