Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I keep thinking I'll look back at the photos of this time last year and compare them to what is blooming this year.  We've had such a mild winter that I hardly think it's fair to call it winter at all.  It seems like more flowers are blooming and trees and plants are leafing out earlier. 

I purchased this Columbine "Swan Pink Yellow" (I think!) from Santa Rosa Gardens last year.  Gorgeous!

Here's the Tiarella I moved a couple of weeks ago.  It's putting a few of those frothy blooms on.  I'm pleased at how well it looks, considering the heat and lack of rain already.  I'm not pleased that I'm already having to consider heat and possible drought conditions.

This isn't a great picture, but this is what is planted at the end of our driveway to welcome us home.  I pruned them last year to a manageable 4 feet or so. 

Closeup of the white Azaleas.  Just stunning.

Dwarf Lorepetalum "Snow Muffin."  These white blooming Lorepetalum shrubs don't grow taller than about 18 inches.  But they do spread horizontally. Mine are a few feet in diameter.  I pruned them back pretty harshly last fall and was rewarded with the best blooms I've ever had!

Another blurry picture.  I suppose I need to get out my fancy camera for closeups.

Lorepetalum "Purple Diamond."  These Lorepetalum grow to 4-5 feet tall and wide.  I prune mine probably to around 4 feet.  "Purple Diamond" keeps more of the purple color leaves throughout the summer rather than fading to green like many other varieties.

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