Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

A bit late.  Again.  Well, at least I'm posting at all!  But with the weirdly warm weather, there's a lot going on in the garden! 

I actually took these photos on March 1st, so many of these trees are starting to leaf out.  This is the latest addition to our tree family.  It's a Japanese Magnolia called "Jane."  It's only 5-6 feet tall now, and will eventually go over 12 feet. It lost its leaves in the heat and drought last summer, so I'm glad it has decided to come back. The flowers are lovely and slightly darker than some other Japanese magnolias (also called Tulip Magnolias) around.

A lovely orange throated Daffodil my mom shared with me.  I have several of these that I divided and moved so that they now circle around the bottom of Evan's tree.

Sigh...Camellia!  I can't remember what the common name is, unfortunately.  She's a beauty, though!  I've had this one for a few years, and it's still rather small.  Camellias tend to grow slowly, I believe.  Once they fill in they are spectacular!

Here's a little volunteer Corydalis lutea.  I just dug it up (it was growing on the stairs down to the backyard), and moved it into the butterfly/hummingbird garden.  I love the foliage and the dainty yellow flowers.

I purchased this lime green heuchera last year.  I moved a lot of things around and planted some new stuff in the butterfly garden.  I "installed" a bendy path.  It's not complete, but I love having a project!

I seem to have a lot of these solid white Daffodils.  I don't really feel like one can have too many Daffies. 

I've started some lettuce and sweet peas in the Veggie garden.  Hopefully we'll have more rain and less heat this summer and more success in this garden!

The Royal Star Magnolia.  This is also a Japanese Magnolia.  We planted this tree in 2007 honor of Duncan's birth the previous year.  It's growing nicely and puts on a lovely spring show.

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