Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanksgiving...a little late

I meant to get back on here and post this after Thanksgiving, but got all wrapped up in the holidays and just let things slide.  Just before Thanksiving the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  They went to church that Sunday.  When I went out to pick them up, my mom handed me the little card (pictured on the left) that Duncan made in Sunday school.  If you can't read Duncan's handwriting, it says:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for loving me.  You made me feel better and I am so grateful.

Love, Duncan

I know he had help with spelling out the words (and it is fill in the blank!), but I think the ideas were 100 percent Duncan.  Because he is a little sweetheart.

The Turkey handprint card was made at school.  Above is a picture of the front, and on the inside:

Dear Mom + Dad, I love you.  Duncan

So yeah, I was pretty much melting into a big pile of emotional goo after getting these cards.  That little boy knows how to make his Mommy feel special.

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