Monday, January 30, 2012

The Things She Says and Does

Miranda loves Thomas the Tank Engine.  Lately she's wanted to wear a Thomas shirt every day.  It doesn't matter if it's the same shirt, although she does seem to understand the need for things to be washed.  (Thank goodness!)  Unlike her wardrobe, Miranda does get creative with her toy trains.  I never knew that the Island of Sodor had so many tall flowers!

This is Miranda dressed as a spy.  She's probably looking for pootfrints.  Yes, that's how she says it!

 There's always a need for bandages in a household with small kids.  Especially when they make up booboos just to have that neat, new Dora band aid.  Miranda found these other, er, bandages for more "serious" booboos.

Just so you know, that's not an's myPod.

This was probably an, "Oh dear!" or perhaps an, "OH NOOO!" or possibly even an, "Oh my goodness!"

One of my favorite Miranda quotes right now occurs when she climbs up a few steps, throws out her arms, and announces:

"Ladies aaaand Children!"

And that's it!  Because the announcement was the show!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas 2011 post!

Justin and LaLa share a hug on Christmas Eve at Justin's sister's house.

Pop, hanging out by Nat's Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning came bright and early.  There's no sleeping in for Miranda no matter what the occasion!  This picture was taken shortly after 6am.

Miranda was thrilled with more than just her new toys.  When she unwrapped each present, she excitedly said, "It's a box!"  Only a little kid could put so much enthusiasm in the little things.

Duncan got up an hour after Miranda, but only when Mommy whispered, "Santa came!"  He hopped out of bed like a shot.  He was too busy playing and checking things out to look up and smile for pictures.

Silly wolf hats from Pop and Lala.  Duncan loves them and wears one to bed fairly regularly.

Christmas morning means many things.  To a lot of parents out there it means reading directions on new toys and how to assemble them.  Note the fierce concentration.

Christmas dinner was at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Here Miranda eagerly helps her Grandma.

My dad and I shared conversation over our new cameras.  

Miranda sports her newest accessory, because who would think to put a potty seat on a potty.

Peek a boo!

More instructions and assembling.  This time for Miranda's new doll house.

A boy and his wolf.  And his wolf hat.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The big 4-0

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.  I'm not all that excited about it, really.  I don't know.  Thirty wasn't so bad, well, because thirty just isn't so bad.  And we were in Hawaii.  This time around we'll be home.  Justin is out of work, so nothing too grandiose.  I'm mostly hoping for some cake.  Although...Miranda has been practicing for a surprise party for months.  She comes into the room, switches off the light, counts to three in a stage whisper, and yells, "Surprise!"  So, we all play along and act surprised, and she wishes the person there a happy birthday.  So really, I've been getting birthday wishes since at least November.  And when we had extra boxes around during Christmas, she produced a present!  It was very exciting.

Usually the present is just an empty box, which to Miranda, is something to be excited about!  (Boxes are very cool for the 3 and under crowd.)

Recently, however, she's started putting an actual surprise in the box.  Because an empty box is cool, but something inside the box is even better.  And the something inside this little box is pretty surprising.

"Happy Birthday, Mommy!  Here's a lizard!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanksgiving...a little late

I meant to get back on here and post this after Thanksgiving, but got all wrapped up in the holidays and just let things slide.  Just before Thanksiving the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  They went to church that Sunday.  When I went out to pick them up, my mom handed me the little card (pictured on the left) that Duncan made in Sunday school.  If you can't read Duncan's handwriting, it says:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for loving me.  You made me feel better and I am so grateful.

Love, Duncan

I know he had help with spelling out the words (and it is fill in the blank!), but I think the ideas were 100 percent Duncan.  Because he is a little sweetheart.

The Turkey handprint card was made at school.  Above is a picture of the front, and on the inside:

Dear Mom + Dad, I love you.  Duncan

So yeah, I was pretty much melting into a big pile of emotional goo after getting these cards.  That little boy knows how to make his Mommy feel special.