Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Parents - Day 21

I guess being thankful for my parents is kind of a no brainer.  Most people are thankful for the gift of life given to them by their parents.  And, yep, I'm grateful for that.  I'm pleased to have a close relationship with my folks.  We've grown closer since Evan's death.  The death of their first grandson was a terrible blow.  It still hurts them.  I can tell.  But just as I do with Justin, we lean on each other for support.  It's been fun having more of a friendship than just a parent-child relationship.  I enjoy talking plants with Mom and having a laugh with Dad.  I'm at their house right now.  They are playing with the grand kids while I sneakily type here.  I love that they have a close relationship with my kids.  And they're always willing to help.  I have a gimpy foot right now, so Mom has been taking good care of me, allowing me the opportunity to put my feet up!

So, thanks Mom and Dad for all the love and support!

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Grandpa said...

Thanks Pam. We love you very much.