Thursday, November 24, 2011

Evan - Day 24

Evan when he was brand new

Today and every day I'm thankful for my son, Evan, who we lost to Bacterial Meningitis five years ago today.

Of course, I thought he was beautiful.  He was my first baby!  But I was a little surprised when strangers came up to me in the store to tell me, "That is the purdiest baby!"  I couldn't help but agree.

We, just like every parent, thought every new little trick our son performed was the coolest thing ever!

Evan loved books and lap time with Mommy.

And he loved to play.  When Miss Stephanie (he called her Miss Stepanie) told me that Evan loved to play, my reaction was, "Don't they all?"  Apparently not!  Or, at least, when he played he didn't want to be disturbed and go and do something odious.  Like go outside to the playground.  Until he remembered, "Oh yeah, that's good too!"

Evan gave up naps a little earlier than I had hoped.  He really fought taking a nap after Duncan was born.  I really needed that quiet time, because Duncan wasn't the best sleeper (as a result, neither was I.)  But Justin was able to snuggle Evan and get him to sleep.

Evan wasn't sure about Duncan when he first arrived.  He was noisy and needy.

But Evan was sweet and patient...a good big brother.


More play time in the pool.

Having art time wasn't really Evan's favorite thing.  But I think he enjoyed his special time with his Mommy.

Self portrait


We love you and miss you, Evan!


Heather said...

What a beautiful wonderful child he must have been. I cried as I viewed this. Thank you for sharing your memories of your precious child with us.

dutchbluek said...

I can't wait to get of the car so that I can hug my own little one after being fortunate enough to get a peek into your life with such a special little boy. God bless.