Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Easy For You to Say!" - Day 7

I had the absolute pleasure to go see the Foo Fighters (and The Joy Formidable and Social Distortion) last night.  Fantastic show.  Go see them!  Anyhow, Dave Grohl said the song "These Days" was his favorite song that he's ever written.  I listened to the words (and belted out along), and thought how true they are for those of us who's hearts have been broken.  I'm thankful that there's music out there that expresses pretty much every feeling that I have.  I have songs I listen to when I'm angry or sad.  I can listen to just about anything when I'm happy.  The refrain in this song is talking about how someone is saying, "It's alright."  Everything will be ok.  And the brokenhearted Grohl screams, "It's easy for you to say!  Your heart has never been broken."  I have had people tell me they "understand" and how "it'll be ok."  Well, it's easy for you to say!  If you haven't lost a child (or had a significant loss), you don't understand.  You just don't.  Maybe this is a backhanded thing to being thankful for.  But, really, it's nice to have tunes I can crank up when things aren't ok.  And when I'm feeling misunderstood.

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Sherrie said...

Hugs. Love you so much, wish I could carry it for you.