Saturday, November 19, 2011

Days 18 & 19

I mentioned my regular ol' run-of-the-mill friends a few days ago in another gratitude post.  That makes them sound not so special, but it's quite the reverse.  I have friends I've known since Kindergarten.  Kindergarten!  These few people understand me.  They know my quirks and love me anyway.  I have friends that I've known since high school and college.  Other friends that I only know because their kids were in the same playgroup with Evan.  And new friends that I've met through a mom's group.  You are all very special to me.  It's been difficult to have the openness and closeness with other people since the death of my son.  Sometimes it's hard to let down that hard, prickly shell.  I thank you for making the effort in spite of me.  Thanks, friends!


I'm also thankful to my neighbors.  They are some of the nicest people around.  They love our kids and they are so supportive.  I feel very blessed to know them and can call them friends.

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