Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summer Fun!

Even though we had a long, hot, dry summer here, we still managed to have some outdoor fun.
Here's Duncan on what I think of as the DNA ladder at a local playground.

Miranda LOVES the swings!  In fact, she's a bit of a swing hog.  We've left the swings in tears, because we had to share.  Well, I say "we," but really it was just Miranda.

Little boy, Big Dinosaur!  A Gigantosaurus!  If I turned around a bit from here, I could take a picture of the even bigger Argentinosauraus.  Massive.

We enjoyed a few trips to the science museum!  I heard chants of "Dinosaur Bones!" for weeks afterward!

When it actually did rain this summer, we did a bit of puddle jumping!

I somehow managed to not take any photos of Miranda's water color pictures, but I did get these sidewalk chalk images.

Any other 5 year old you know what to write Iron Maiden on their driveway?  

The playground with the "steamy slides."  The first time we went down the slides, both Duncan and I got our elbows burned (or skinned) while going down.  They are so tall and straight, that the ride down is fast.  He didn't want to go back there for a while, because it stings!  After that we learned to tuck in our elbows!

Duncan has always been a climber, and he's rather sure of himself.  Climbing this "rock" wall was a breeze.

I don't know if Miranda is a natural climber or if she's just learned it from big brother.  She's a little more confident than what she should be!  But she made it to the top just fine.  With Mommy hyperventilating a little on the ground!

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Mom said...

Ah, the days of childhood and summer. Wonderful memories to cherish! Love, Mom