Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music Midtown 2011

Here we are sitting on the grassy knoll at Music Midtown September 24, 2011!

Music Midtown returned this year after a few years off.  It had been a three day event with up to six stages.  This year there were two stages and it was just one day.  The stages were set up rather closely together.  As one performance ended on one stage, the next one began on the other stage.  If you sat in the right spot, you could see all the bands play that day.  Which is pretty much what we did.

Justin told me that he preferred music festivals to regular concerts.  I can't remember what his reasons were.  Multiple bands for a great price?  Decent food?  No lining up, unless you really want to?  I suspect, however, it's more about the lounging around in the grass for him!

I think this is when the Joy Formidable were on.  Great group out of Wales.  We're fortunate enough to see them open for the Foo Fighters soon!

We decided to get up a little closer for The Black Keys, since we missed them at Outside Lands in August.

There was a lot of confusion about this big, green tarp that was lying on the ground.  The girl who owned it kept saying, "It's just a tarp!"  I don't think she'd been to a festival before, because she was using up the space for about 15 people.

Some festival goers ended up folding up the tarp.

The tarp owner in gray.  She was a bit miffed about the whole thing.  Maybe once people started crowding in she understood.  Who knows!

Why is there always some 7 foot guy that decides to push in front of me?!

The crazy dancing guy.  He had some serious moves.  I didn't manage a clear picture, because he was really going for it.  He invaded A LOT of people's space. 

Most people were pretty nice.  If they wanted to push forward, it was not too jerky.  Until pretty close to the end of the Black Keys.  This group of maybe 10 people came pushing and shoving their way up front.  We were all just standing there watching them, because we were just astonished by their nerve.  Had we been thinking about it, I'm sure somebody would have gotten a swift kick in the backside!

The Black Keys!  I tweeted at the time that Akron, Ohio must be pretty depressing, because TBK play a whole lot of blues!  So, this was the crowd in front of us.

And this was the crowd behind.

We also heard/saw: Young the Giant, Manchester Orchestra, Cage the Elephant, Band of Skulls, and a couple of other smaller bands.  And, oh yeah, Coldplay.

We decided to stay put during Cage the Elephant, and just listen from the other stage.  We moved back and sat down on the grass.  I have no pictures, because my phone doesn't have a flash, and naturally, I forgot the camera.  We thought ahead and brought a blanket along.  So, we were just sitting there.  Minding our own business, when this large drunk woman decides to sit down on me.  She was a friendly drunk.  It took a little coercion to get her off me, but she didn't want to abandon "her" spot on the blanket at first.  She told me she worked with the elderly, and kept telling us to be kind to old people.  Umm...ok.  Finally, her exasperated friend told her she had found so and so, and that was her cue to get up.  I did make sure she wasn't driving.  Pretty soon after that, the flood of people started coming back, and Coldplay began to play.  Really enjoyed them live.  I was pleased to hear "Fix You" live.  Overall, a great day.  We didn't have any problems with traffic.  So, yeah, I can see us doing it again!

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