Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Fall, Y'all!

After a really long, hot, DRY summer, it is wonderful to be able to get outside and play now that Autumn has finally arrived! 

The kids have been out on their bikes and scooters.  We have a dreadfully steep driveway, so we have to choose our route with care.

Although, the kids don't mind.  They just like circling around the cars.  Plenty of places to hide when you're playing, "Let's jump out and say, 'Boo!'"

Duncan decided to pretend he was going duck hunting (with my vacuum cleaner parts!)

And sometimes he even treated Miranda to a little ride in the wagon!  (But he mostly complained about her!)

But when you play outside on the concrete, there are bound to be boo boos.

Miranda had a nasty fall while running full tilt down the driveway.  She scraped both knees and her arm.

Ouch!  (Sadly, she re-scraped that one on her right knee three times!)

Nothing that a few band aids and a juice box can't cure, though.  You realize that band aides have miraculous healing powers.  And serious analgesic properties.  Why, whenever Duncan has a boo boo, just putting a band aid on it makes it feel all better!  Or maybe it's Mommy's kiss!

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