Friday, October 7, 2011

Mandy and Pam's Epic Adventure

I'm catching up on summer posts.  It may look like we haven't done anything lately, because I haven't posted much.  However, we've had a bit of fun...

After the kids went to stay with the grandparents for a week in June, I made the rash decision to go see the band Mumford & Sons in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It wasn't the closest venue they were playing, but the show nearby was sold out, and going through a ticket re-sales agency looked too pricey.  And besides, I had friends going to the Raleigh show.  I got a ticket through Stubhub, and started making plans.  To drive the whole way by myself would have been something like a six and a half hour drive.  To go with my friend Mandy would add about an hour to the drive, but road trips are more fun with a friend!

The morning of the show I got up early and hit the road.  I decided to adhere to the Three M's of Music: Maiden, Mumford and Muse.  I had it cranked up, and got to Mandy's in a respectable three and a half hours.  We had lunch and set out for Raleigh, planning to meet "The Girls" there for dinner.  

We were minding our own business talking about music, kids, school, Muse, when the van in front of us drove over one of those big 18 wheeler tire treads.  The tread kicked up into the air and hit Mandy's windshield, which shattered.  We yelled, we screamed, our language was as colorful as a rainbow.  Mandy had the presence of mind to get us over to the side of the road.  We sat there trying to re-group.  Both of us were shaking and trying to give comfort.  Every time a truck drove past, glass would trickle into our laps and into my sandals.  We both got on our phones and started making calls.  I couldn't get Justin at first and left a, "We've had an incident" sort of message.  I ended up texting him and one of  "The Girls."  Something like: "We were hit by a tire tread, we are ok, windshield is shattered."

Nobody stopped to see if we were ok.  We ended up going up the onramp a little further down the highway, and didn't get as much of the road vibration there.  Eventually, after a long, frustrating talk with her insurance company and a car rental place, a tow truck got there.

This picture is taken from inside the car.

James, the Tow Truck Driver!  yay!  He was quite the flirt, but he got us to the car rental place.  We got a car, and headed back out.  I told Mandy that had that happened to me by myself, I probably would have gone back home in tears and just not bothered with the concert.

(I don't know what the deal is with the sideways pics.  Picasa automatically turns them around, but Blogger doesn't accept it.  Won't accept my titles, either.  Jerks!)  So, with the delays we didn't make it to dinner with The Girls.  We did get to the concert in time for the opening acts, though!  We hung out with our friends, who insisted on buying us wine.  And got ready for a fantastic show!

We had a great night, and drove back the next morning.  In all of the excitement, I only slept a couple of hours.  Everything was going well (except getting lost for a bit), until I crossed the state line and got to the boonies and the fuel light comes on.  I slowed down and turned off the A/C.  And prayed!  I finally found a Mom & Pop gas station (that didn't take credit cards!) and filled the take with what cash I had left.  And, naturally, those boonie gas stations charge $.30 more to the gallon.  I wasn't complaining, though!  About an hour later I got to my parents' town and my kids.  And it was one of those, "All is Right with the World" sort of moments.  And then I just wanted to go to bed!

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