Monday, October 17, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

So, I'm cheating again.  I didn't take any of these photos on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (the 15th of each month.)  I usually just go out and take some pics when I remember (usually the 16th or 17th) and post those.  These were taken on October 7th.  Some of the flowers are still in bloom and some are not.  The hydrangeas are not really in bloom, but their spent blooms from summer still look pretty.

I purchased this  Clematis H.F Young in the spring.  I planted it, watered it a bit, and pretty much forgot about it.  Late in summer I noticed that the foliage had died back (not unusual in some Clematis, but I was afraid I'd killed it!)  I watered it, and lo and behold, new foliage started emerging!  And then recently, a bud appeared!  Which developed into this beautiful bloom.  I was very excited!

I know I've taken more than a few pictures of my ground cover roses, but they've just been outstanding.  I'm interested to see what they look like over the winter months.

I think the birds need to get their act together and come have a snack already!  This American Beauty Berry is still chock full of berries!  Mom got me the pink one, that I hope to put in Evan's Garden, along with a new Bergenia (called Pigsqueak!)

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) and Turtlehead blooming like crazy in Evan's Garden.  I think I may need to get some white Turtlehead (Chelone lyonii) to go with the pink.  I love Turtlehead.  Such a great little reliable plant.

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