Monday, October 24, 2011

First Day of School!

Yes, I'm a couple of months behind. Duncan started Big Kid School in August this year. Here he's demonstrating how much heavier his bag is. Or maybe he's just being silly.

I got several photos of Duncan trying not to smile. He was making silly faces. Ready for his big day!

Then Duncan took the camera. And zombies attacked!

Another shot from Duncan of the beautiful blue sky!

And some flowers (Early Bird Gold Rudbeckia, if anyone's interested!)

The obligatory self portrait.

Goofy grin!

Duncan and me. I don't think I even cried that day!

And his first ever ride on the school bus! He had a super first day of Kindergarten, and he's doing great. All the stress I had when choosing which program this year has melted away. Duncan is in a wonderful school with a wonderful teacher. I couldn't be any more proud. And he's starting to read! It's a very exciting time!

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