Friday, September 16, 2011

A few Lorapetalum blooms have appeared since I pruned last month.
This Pineapple Sage tells it all. It.Is.Dry! But finally the heat seems to have left. I am so ready for Autumn!
I've been really impressed with my new groundcover roses. I haven't babied them at all. They seem to be black spot resistant, too!
The rose bush that I'd been thinking was Apothecary Rose, I now believe is a Knockout. I just don't think anything else would be this resistant to black spot and bloom all summer long. Great plant for the South!
I babied this American Beautyberry Bush a bit since planting it last fall. But that was mostly when I had just planted it. It's done rather well in spite of the heat and drought this summer.
Toad Lily in Evan's Garden. I'm ashamed to say that I let the weeds take over most of the backyard this year. It was too hot and humid to get out there, and when I could, I had to worry about two little rambunctious kids. Very disappointing season this year.
Jewelweed. It's pretty, but I find that, yes, it is a weed!
Some of my oh so lovely weeds. My husband weed whacked and I tore out a whole bunch the other day. I can see Evan's Garden again! I can't believe I let it get so bad. Note to self: ALWAYS mulch in spring!

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