Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fiasco?

All children are unique.  But I guess you could say that some are more unique than others.  Miranda is definitely pretty special.  She's a sweetheart when she wants to be (you know, when she's got those fists put away.)  I didn't take a lot of pictures of Miranda over the summer, because she chose to be naked most of the time.  Or wear a swim suit.  I was fine with the swim suit, because that meant she had something on.  But lately Miranda has started to express her personality through her clothing choices. (sorry about the sideways pics!)

This outfit was put together for our preschool orientation recently.  Tie dye shirt, pink skort, red and white striped train hat, and...

cleats.  For a little girl who likes to go barefoot, Miranda sure likes to try on shoes.

Miranda's favorite summer ensemble: swim skort with matching rash guard.

Miranda found the hand-me-downs from a friend (boy's clothes), and put the sweater on top, and the sweater vest on bottom.

Frilly skirts are always a hit.  And socks.  Gotta have socks.

And after a nice cup of tea and a little investigating, it's good to have your best princess heels at the ready.

I've always considered myself lucky that Miranda would wear any old thing (usually a Thomas shirt).  I've not had to purchase fancy boutique dresses.  But she does clean up good.  We call this the Bavarian princess look.

And, naturally, with heels!

On the wrong feet!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A few Lorapetalum blooms have appeared since I pruned last month.
This Pineapple Sage tells it all. It.Is.Dry! But finally the heat seems to have left. I am so ready for Autumn!
I've been really impressed with my new groundcover roses. I haven't babied them at all. They seem to be black spot resistant, too!
The rose bush that I'd been thinking was Apothecary Rose, I now believe is a Knockout. I just don't think anything else would be this resistant to black spot and bloom all summer long. Great plant for the South!
I babied this American Beautyberry Bush a bit since planting it last fall. But that was mostly when I had just planted it. It's done rather well in spite of the heat and drought this summer.
Toad Lily in Evan's Garden. I'm ashamed to say that I let the weeds take over most of the backyard this year. It was too hot and humid to get out there, and when I could, I had to worry about two little rambunctious kids. Very disappointing season this year.
Jewelweed. It's pretty, but I find that, yes, it is a weed!
Some of my oh so lovely weeds. My husband weed whacked and I tore out a whole bunch the other day. I can see Evan's Garden again! I can't believe I let it get so bad. Note to self: ALWAYS mulch in spring!