Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The List

A few weeks ago the pastor of my church finished up a series called "Heroes." The series was mostly about the heroes one doesn't hear about. Nothing about Peter and Paul, but the men and women behind the scene. The last sermon in the series covered part of one of Paul's letters. It was basically a list of people who were special to him and to the early Christian movement.

My pastor decided to write a letter to God listing the people in his own life that were special and that made an impact in his spiritual life. I listened to the names and to his comments. Many of these people were father or mother figures. Many are dead and gone, but their memory and influence live on for Davis.

I sat there wondering to myself: Is Evan on anyone's list? He died so young. Two years, 9 months, 24 days. He couldn't have been a father figure to anyone. He was a good big brother to a little brother who can't remember him. He was my sweet boy.


I know he's on my list of most influential people in my life. Should it matter to me if he's on anyone else's? But somehow it does matter. I know I'm not the only grieving parent that feels this way. We feel the need to do something. Anything, so that our child's life and death will not have been in vain. People create foundations and establish memorial events to keep their child's memory fresh and their life's purpose, even after death, alive.

Is it possible that now, almost five years after his death, that Evan can still make someone's list?


Grandpa said...

Evan is indelibly written on my heart.

Anonymous said...

Evan is on my list Pam.


Trish said...


I think about Evan more than you will ever know. I know in my heart that my Evan has indeed met your Evan. I so look forward to the day that I will meet your little guy. I love him and I have never even met him.