Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The List

A few weeks ago the pastor of my church finished up a series called "Heroes." The series was mostly about the heroes one doesn't hear about. Nothing about Peter and Paul, but the men and women behind the scene. The last sermon in the series covered part of one of Paul's letters. It was basically a list of people who were special to him and to the early Christian movement.

My pastor decided to write a letter to God listing the people in his own life that were special and that made an impact in his spiritual life. I listened to the names and to his comments. Many of these people were father or mother figures. Many are dead and gone, but their memory and influence live on for Davis.

I sat there wondering to myself: Is Evan on anyone's list? He died so young. Two years, 9 months, 24 days. He couldn't have been a father figure to anyone. He was a good big brother to a little brother who can't remember him. He was my sweet boy.


I know he's on my list of most influential people in my life. Should it matter to me if he's on anyone else's? But somehow it does matter. I know I'm not the only grieving parent that feels this way. We feel the need to do something. Anything, so that our child's life and death will not have been in vain. People create foundations and establish memorial events to keep their child's memory fresh and their life's purpose, even after death, alive.

Is it possible that now, almost five years after his death, that Evan can still make someone's list?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

My new little path leading through my Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden. The butterfly part is nice and neat. The hummingbird part is a little wild. The arbor was my Mother's Day gift this year. It looks pretty good from this angle. Because it's on a hill, however, from other angles it looks, as my mother said, a little wonky. It will probably have to go to a flatter place, unless I can make this spot flatter.

This is a volunteer Corydalis lutea. I have it in a pretty shady spot, and it has a few little blooms. I wonder how it would do with just a tad more sun.

Purple Coneflower

Closeup of Rudbeckia fulgida "Early Bird Gold."

Evan's Tree is still lookin' good!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden Visitor

(I'm post dating this, so I can do a little catching up. These photos were taken on July 6.)

We've recently had a couple of visitors in the garden. The first occasion included a mama and a baby deer, but this time, it was just the one. We all ran excitedly to the window to have a look.

Miranda said something like, "Look, an animal!" The "animal" heard our voices or sensed our movement, and peered in at us.

And then she decided it was time to go.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early July Blooms

I love any plant (well, except aggressive weeds) that can put up with our long, hot (and oftentimes dry) summers. This annual Vinca has been up to the challenge of over a month of 90 degree temps and not enough rain. They've bloomed non-stop, except for the ones that don't get quite enough sunshine. A great plant for full sun in the Southeast.

Another trooper this year is Echinacea. This is Echinacea purpurea "Kim's Mophead Coneflower". They have been a workhorse this year. They're starting to look a little rangy, mostly because I've been slow about deadheading. And I have had a little mildew on the leaves in late summer. But that can be managed with a little milk and water spray. Fantastic plant for sun and drought.

And the old standby, Purple Coneflower (looks pink to me!) A native to the eastern US. A garden favorite. It's a clumping perennial that's not fussy and not a thug. And gorgeous. This and the Kim's Mophead have been covered in bees and butterflies this year.

Another garden favorite is Black Eyed Susan. This variety is "Early Bird Gold." It's a cultivar of Rudbeckia fulgida that blooms earlier and longer than other varieties. For me it's been a clumper, and not a seed spreader. I have not found it to be thuggish at all (unlike the R. fulgida "Goldsturm" in my garden.)

We call this Evan's Tree, because we planted it in honor of Evan's birth in 2004. It was just a tiny thing then, only about 18" high. But it had a nice shape. Now, this Crape Myrtle is a good seven or eight feet! I believe it's Lagerstroemia indica x faueri "Acoma." I didn't prune it at all this year (and I usually only snip a couple of inches off when I do prune.) Look at those flowers! Just beautiful.