Sunday, June 26, 2011


Kids are expensive. They have to be fed, clothed, taken to the doctor, schooled. These are normal every day expenses, of course. But normal every day expenses do add up over time.

If you're A Planner you may have things all worked out for how much to spend to stay on budget. And how much is going into that college fund. If you're not A Planner, but still curious, there are calculators now that will tell you how much money you will have spent on Junior by the time he goes to college. I guess it's supposed to be somewhat amusing. Or maybe it really is out there to help people prepare themselves financially. I haven't looked up one of these online calculators, yet. But I have to wonder what all is left off the list. You know...all the stuff that the kid breaks in his endless experiments on Mommy's fragile nerves. Do you think it includes broken DVD and VHS players? Scratched DVDs? Dishwashers and computer keyboards? Monitors? The car stereo? Or how about all those times the kids dumped out every last drop of the gallon of milk or the whole package of flour?

I find myself thinking of a Ron Weasley quote from the Harry Potter series, "Why is everything I own rubbish?" Sure, the kids break their own stuff all the time, but it's always kind of a shock when something of mine is broken. I'm on my third flute cleaning rod within the last year. I hide them so that Duncan will not use them for drumsticks. I even have a back up rod. So, naturally, when I found Miranda examining my precious flute, which she had dumped out on the floor, I was a nervous wreck. I cautiously approached, gave the "you don't play with this" disclaimer, snatched it, and walked away stroking it. Probably saying, "My Precious."

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Anonymous said...

Kids will be kids. They are always pushing the envelope and getting on the poor parents last nerve. But what goes around comes around.