Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Fun at the Little Gym!

Today was our first class at The Little Gym. After having a fantastic time at the Introductory Class last week, I decided to sign the kids up for the rest of the Summer term.

The class began with the kids on the mat. They chose which everyday hero (police officer, firefighter, paramedic, etc.) they would like to be today. Duncan chose firefighter. He participated in all of the movements and songs, and was clearly having fun.

Miranda? She did her own thing. They told me when she did this last week that it's perfectly fine and expected that some kids will want to explore. There's structure, but not rigidity. Cool.

She checked out the bar, and did some swinging. But she kept a careful eye on what the other children were doing, so she could be sure to participate when she felt the urge (which she did this week! Huzzah!) Unfortunately, going in to snap a few clearer pics resulted in a distracted little girl. So, most of the pictures are from behind the glass.

Duncan at the bar, but watching his little sister on the beam. She's a total beam star.

Duncan gives the bar the "old college try." He ended up with a frowny face and started to cry. We all thought he'd bumped his nose or lip, but he told me when class was over that he wasn't able to flip. The poor little fella was disappointed that he couldn't flip. I told him that he'd done really well, and that next time if he needs a little extra help to be sure to ask the teacher, and that there was no reason to be disappointed.

Last week Miranda climbed up on the beam and did little hops, and then a crawl off sort of dismount. She loved it. The manager told me that she couldn't even get some of her 5 year old students to hop like that! All the parents were turning to me and asking if Miranda had been there before. Nope. She's just a Beam Star!

Work it, girl!

This week Miranda did a hop off sort of dismount. Her confidence is a little scary.

Duncan on the beam. He participated in every station today. So proud!

Duncan pulling up on the Uneven Parallel bars. Working those triceps!

She's a star and she knows it!

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Anonymous said...

great pics of the kids-This gym certainly seems to be working out well.