Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vegetable Garden Journal

Carrot pushing out of the ground.

After planting some 50-60 carrot seeds this spring, and only 5 or so coming up, I'm pleased that I got anything decent to eat. I figured if this little fellow was pushing itself out of the ground, it was ready to be pulled. So, I pulled it. And ate it. (Along with the taters and peas. And some scallions.)

Volunteer tomato coming up in my oregano!

I planted three store bought tomatoes (one Heirloom and two Romas), but I have several coming up from seed from last year. I can't wait to see what they are!

Sweet peas.

It's getting a little too hot for these springtime veggies. I didn't plant a lot, but had a couple of small harvests. In a word: yum!


Most of my potatoes are coming in nicely. I did dig up two plants that looked like they wouldn't survive. There were a few little new potatoes per plant. So, a disappointing harvest for them, but they did taste good! Hopefully the other potato plants will yield more taters.

The little happy yellow African Marigolds were some of Evan's favorite flowers.

I hope to pull the Sweet Peas soon and replace them with some sort of summer veg. I'll have a good bit of space in my small garden once all the spring plants are done! Now if it would just rain and stop being so hot, I might have a chance for a summer harvest, too.

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