Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vegetable Garden Journal

Carrots - first planting February 12. I'm not sure if anything came up, because my two footed critter (my daughter, Miranda) kept getting in there. 2nd attempt started March 5. I think! I can't find a calendar to write all this stuff down. I obviously should have written it here from the get go.

Sweet Peas - started February 19. There are some 20 seedlings up now.

Potatoes - (3 varieties) started February 26/27

Onions (sets) - started February 26/27. Loads of onion greens starting to show.

Lettuce mix (seed) - started February 26/27.

I have garlic (or onions) that didn't get harvested last year and a solitary carrot from last year. I'm hoping for a good spring harvest!

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