Monday, January 31, 2011

7 Years

It's almost 10:30pm on January 31. Seven years ago at this time I was waiting impatiently for my first child to be born. I was more comfortable since getting the epidural, but I pretty much wanted the whole labor thing to be over. I was kind of hoping for a January baby. Evan's due date was January 29, after all. When I asked the doctor at about 10:30pm if it was possible that I would have a January baby, I got a shake of the head. Justin tried to convince me that a baby born on the first of the month would be easier to figure out the month to month, um, months (like, August 1st Evan was 6 months old.) There's no worry about which months have 30 or 31 days, it's just the 1st. It made sense. I sighed, knowing I couldn't really do anything about it at that point.

Evan didn't make his appearance for several more hours.

Most of the pictures in our files are labeled with some computer generated number. But there are a handful that Justin labeled himself.

This one is:

He first sees Pam

And this one:

Pam first sees him\

Love at first sight.