Friday, December 24, 2010

Care for a Serenade?

You never really know what a kid's gonna do at his or her Christmas program. Will she sing? Will he turn his back to the crowd? Will all the kids run around screaming for Mommy? I admit, I had slightly higher expectations for the little concert this year than last year. This year I had two participating. Twice as much fun, right? And if Miranda ran off during the program, technically, it's not my problem. (Isn't that bad?!) At home Miranda had been serenading us with her own version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She sang with gusto (read: yelled) and with her very own words! I thought to myself, "Wow! She's going to be one of those kids. The ones that yell the songs during the program." Woohoo! An improvement over the non-participation of Duncan.

But then the day of the program came. And she did a lot of this:

And this:

(Just sitting there looking pretty.)

If Duncan actually participated in a musical program, I think it would mean that the planets had aligned and there would be world peace or something. He is open and honest about how much he dislikes music at school. The fact that he wore his costume made me happy.

He mostly yawned and made this face:

Although, I could tell that every once in a while he did utter a word or two. And he actually secretly did a few of the little hand movements.

When they handed out bells to ring during "Jingle Bells," Duncan examined them thoroughly.

And then the show was over and we left. Barely a note sung. I shrugged my shoulders. No matter. But in this last week since pre-school has been out for the Christmas holiday, both kids are running around the house singing Christmas songs! I hear a lot of "Jingle, jingle jollies" and "Baby boy, baby boy" from both! I ask them why didn't they sing like this during the school program. No answer. A special serenade just for Mommy? So, if you do care for a serenade from one of my kids...don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Come to The Dark Side...It's Fun!

Maybe it's a little boy thing. Or maybe it's just a Duncan thing. He does have a little bit of a naughty streak in him, after all. To Duncan, Bad Guys are actually the good ones.

A couple of months ago we watched a few minutes of Star Wars: a New Hope. Duncan was instantly sucked in. The robots, the light sabers (pronounced "savers"), the pure epicness of Darth Vader. Wait...what? Yes, that's right. If Duncan were Luke Skywalker, he would have gone to The Dark Side the first time Daddy asked. We spent the next month fighting with our pretend light sabers, and losing limbs all over the place (only to miraculously regrow.) It was fun!

For some reason there's always a bad guy in shows geared for toddlers. The person being mean, the scary monster, the loud dinosaur...yep, these are all favorites.

But Duncan did catch me by surprise this past weekend. We watched a little too much Harry Potter (Duncan calls him "Fairy Potter) over the weekend. I think Duncan liked "Fairy." He began brandishing his own wand (usually a pencil or piece of a Superstructs set) and shouting "Disappeared!" at people and things (with his own sound effects, naturally.) Then he told us, "You're disappeared." Then with some complicated wand action, we were re-appeared. It was great fun. The surprise came when Duncan and Justin had a little discussion at bedtime. "Are you Harry Potter, Duncan?" Usually questions like this are simply answered, "No, I'm Duncan." But this time his response was, "No I'm Duncan Snape." Snape! SNAPE! Oh geez.