Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Not So Good Time Girl

I remember another mom telling me that boys were harder in the younger years and little girls were easy, then boys got easier and girls harder as they approach the teenage years. And I believed it. But, I guess my little princess doesn't really fit into the good little girl mold. Oh sure, she's cute and sweet some of the time. But she definitely believes in preemptive strikes when it comes to big brother. I'm all for a girl who can stick up for herself. My problem is when she makes something that should be a good time go wrong.

Our county has a lot of really nice parks and green spaces. We can go for walks and playtime and not drive a great distance to get there. Unfortunately, most of the playgrounds seem to approve of free range children. There are no fences! There may be one fence on one side, but it never seems to block out the important stuff...like the road or the parking lot. Maybe playground developers believe that little kids will be so enthralled by the playground equipment, that they wouldn't dream of leaving. Well, they're wrong. I spend most of our playground visits chasing Miranda back to the playground. She runs to the road. She runs to the parking lot. Evan was also a runner. I remember being laughed at when at 9 months pregnant, I was chasing a little blonde boy around the park. I didn't really find it funny. You ask, "Well, why don't you leave?" Well, we usually do. I'll give her a couple of strikes before packing them up. I do feel bad for Duncan, because he generally stays on the playground.

Playing in our yard is just as bad. I have to be by Miranda's side most of the time, because she'll sneak off. So, instead of having fun at the playground or in the yard, Mommy is stressed! Oh, I think Miranda is having a grand ol' time watching me chase her. But for me? Not so much. I do smack her hand when she runs off. I'll take them inside for punishment. But I guess I haven't found the one thing that will really stop the behavior.

We go to the grocery store, where shopping is supposed to be a pleasure. But even there she acts up. She wriggles out of the belt and climbs out of the cart. She's like a mini Houdini! I put her back in and tighten the belt. It doesn't seem to matter. Meanwhile, Duncan's making the "woowoowoo" siren sound and gleefully telling me how naughty Miranda is. I just want to get the bread and GO! I try to ignore the looks I get from other adults, but it's difficult. I already feel like the world's worst parent, because my kids are going nuts. I just hope it gets better!


Amy said...

On what planet is shopping with two kids supposed to be a pleasure? I want to move there! I am close to tears at the end of every shopping trip. I will often grocery shop at 9pm after kids are asleep.

Playgrounds here don't have fences either. It sucks. You have to be somewhere more urban for fences.

Pam said...

Oh, it's just the Kroger or Publix commercial. It's supposed to be the store "where shopping is a pleasure." Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in my shopping frustration!

Amy said...

Oh, we don't have Kroger and Publix out here. One of the stores here has an ad campaign that says "It's a mom's world" and it makes me mad because I hate doing the shopping.

Trish Verfurth said...


Thinking of you today.

Much Love,