Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween is Over!

On November 1st after a great night of fun and trick or treating, Duncan announced, "Halloween is over." Quickly followed by, "Christmas is ON!" He's been asking for a Christmas tree pretty much every day since then. We've mentioned that people generally celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas. And the fact that most folks don't get their Christmas trees until then. Of course, then we go to the store, and they have their Christmas lights on and tree decorated. He asks me if I'm ready for Christmas. "No, not just yet." We don't usually get our tree until the second week of December or so. I have a feeling Duncan won't allow us to wait that long this year. Despite my hemming and hawing, I have to admit...his excitement is contagious!


Anonymous said...

Grandma can't wait, either. He can help me decorate next week.

Sarah said...

I enjoyed seeing you today and hearing your lovely music. Just want you to know I will be thinking of your this week and remembering your Evan.