Monday, October 25, 2010

Evan? Evan Who?

Hey Stranger.
I saw you last week. I thought you might say hello.

Maybe you thought I would.

I remember when our kids used to play together at the park.

I don't remember your name.

I remember your second daughter's birth, and that your husband was born at 32 weeks and turned out just fine. But I don't remember your name. Weird, huh? I don't remember your girls' names, either.

I wonder what we would have talked about, had we actually, you know, talked. It's not like me to not speak to someone I know.

Perhaps I was afraid. Afraid of the awkward "hellos" and the uncomfortable knowledge that we both have. I assume you know that Evan is dead.

Or maybe I was afraid I'd have another conversation like the one with another park parent. It wasn't really awkward. Just the skirting around a certain subject.

Evan? Evan who?

It's ok. I remember him, even if you don't.


Anonymous said...

He is remembered with love by many, many people. You are also loved, and remembered in prayer. Mom

f said...

I will never forget him. I think of him everyday. Grandpa

Trish Verfurth said...


I did not have the pleasure of meeting Evan before he passed. But I think of him and you often. When my Evan was lying lifeless in his ICU bed, I often wondered if he visited heaven. I think of him playing with your Evan.

He will live forever, in your heart.

Much Love,