Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not much to report

I can't find my camera. So, I can't share the photos I took around the 15th (you know, Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.) It's been hot, humid, and miserable for the better part of the month. Although, the last few days have been rather nice. We've had a little rain, but I'm starting to wonder if some things are going to make it. I bought several "Miracle" Heucheras, and it'll be a miracle if they all come back! I'm pretty sure I've lost at least one. Maybe up to 3-4. Sigh. Such a disappointingly (is that even a word?!) dry year. I had such high hopes in the Spring, as I'm sure we all do. I am very much looking forward to some consistently cooler weather. Then the gardening bug will bite again and make me forget all about this summer. I hope!

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