Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dirty Dog

I had a favorite stuffed animal dog when I was little. His name was Henry. I think I got him for my second birthday. We were inseparable for at least a decade. I toted him around everywhere. I worried about him when he was in the wash (after an unfortunate throw up incident.) I have so many fond memories of that little dog! Now, I'm pleased that my little Miranda has a doggie of her own.

She calls him "Doggie," in the tradition of clever stuffed animal names. He's more of a doggie blanket than a doggie stuffed animal. That little blanket goes where Miranda goes. In the car...

And on the train. In Miranda's mouth. And in the dirt, unfortunately. Doggie has become a very dirty dog! I have to wash him early enough in the morning, so he's clean and dry before naptime.

Sometimes she'll invite fellow doggies over for tea.

I finally broke down and got a "backup" Doggie when I noticed some tearing on the original's nose.

Thankfully, she welcomed the new Doggie with open arms, even though he wasn't her Dirty Doggie!

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