Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day Out with Thomas! 2010 Edition

In celebration of our 11th wedding anniversary, Justin, my parents, and I took the kids to see Thomas the Tank Engine! Alright, it wasn't really an anniversary trip, but the visit did happen to fall on our wedding anniversary.

Our appointment with Thomas was for 11:30am. We got there, as suggested, an hour early. And basically killed an hour till Thomas came back. But it was a fun hour for Duncan and Miranda.

They both loved playing in the sandbox. (Note to self: get some playsand.)

And Duncan played with the train set. There wasn't much fighting over engines this time, thankfully.

And then we went for our train ride on Thomas!

Duncan and his Grandparents had a great time looking out at the foothills of the Appalachians in North Carolina.

We were in one of the open cars in the very back. Grandpa mentioned how they resembled cattle cars. We rode in the closed cars last time, and decided next time to go closed again.

Miranda wasn't content to sit and watch the scenery go by. She wanted to run along with it. So, there you see her juice box bribe to stay still and hang out with Mommy.

Duncan in his element!

Hanging out with Daddy.

Some of the purty scenery.

Miranda actually staying out of trouble!

After a long, humid day Miranda crashes at the lunch table...

And goes to sleep in her Daddy's arms.

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spyder said...

A Great day for a family bonding, nice one! this is good!