Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not much to report

I can't find my camera. So, I can't share the photos I took around the 15th (you know, Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.) It's been hot, humid, and miserable for the better part of the month. Although, the last few days have been rather nice. We've had a little rain, but I'm starting to wonder if some things are going to make it. I bought several "Miracle" Heucheras, and it'll be a miracle if they all come back! I'm pretty sure I've lost at least one. Maybe up to 3-4. Sigh. Such a disappointingly (is that even a word?!) dry year. I had such high hopes in the Spring, as I'm sure we all do. I am very much looking forward to some consistently cooler weather. Then the gardening bug will bite again and make me forget all about this summer. I hope!

A Day Out with Thomas! 2010 Edition

In celebration of our 11th wedding anniversary, Justin, my parents, and I took the kids to see Thomas the Tank Engine! Alright, it wasn't really an anniversary trip, but the visit did happen to fall on our wedding anniversary.

Our appointment with Thomas was for 11:30am. We got there, as suggested, an hour early. And basically killed an hour till Thomas came back. But it was a fun hour for Duncan and Miranda.

They both loved playing in the sandbox. (Note to self: get some playsand.)

And Duncan played with the train set. There wasn't much fighting over engines this time, thankfully.

And then we went for our train ride on Thomas!

Duncan and his Grandparents had a great time looking out at the foothills of the Appalachians in North Carolina.

We were in one of the open cars in the very back. Grandpa mentioned how they resembled cattle cars. We rode in the closed cars last time, and decided next time to go closed again.

Miranda wasn't content to sit and watch the scenery go by. She wanted to run along with it. So, there you see her juice box bribe to stay still and hang out with Mommy.

Duncan in his element!

Hanging out with Daddy.

Some of the purty scenery.

Miranda actually staying out of trouble!

After a long, humid day Miranda crashes at the lunch table...

And goes to sleep in her Daddy's arms.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dirty Dog

I had a favorite stuffed animal dog when I was little. His name was Henry. I think I got him for my second birthday. We were inseparable for at least a decade. I toted him around everywhere. I worried about him when he was in the wash (after an unfortunate throw up incident.) I have so many fond memories of that little dog! Now, I'm pleased that my little Miranda has a doggie of her own.

She calls him "Doggie," in the tradition of clever stuffed animal names. He's more of a doggie blanket than a doggie stuffed animal. That little blanket goes where Miranda goes. In the car...

And on the train. In Miranda's mouth. And in the dirt, unfortunately. Doggie has become a very dirty dog! I have to wash him early enough in the morning, so he's clean and dry before naptime.

Sometimes she'll invite fellow doggies over for tea.

I finally broke down and got a "backup" Doggie when I noticed some tearing on the original's nose.

Thankfully, she welcomed the new Doggie with open arms, even though he wasn't her Dirty Doggie!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Drink the Lemonade

Some people may remember the bad acid at Woodstock. And I'm pretty sure we all know about special brownies. But at my house you may want to think twice about tasting the lemonade. At least, if it's presented to you in a pitcher from my son. Because sometimes when you gotta gotta go. And if the nearest receptacle is a pitcher, be it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh yeah...

I mentioned in the previous post how I put a certain CD in my "new" CD player. An Early Music disc that I really like. I also mentioned that Duncan was soon antsy for something completely different. I don't know how I possibly could have let this go by without mentioning that Evan did the exact same thing! The same CD was on. The same piece of music was playing, and Evan didn't want to listen to "Mommy's" music, either. His request? It wasn't "wock and woll" like Duncan, but Ella Fitzgerald! I have a nice CD of Ella singing Gershwin's Songbook that Evan loved. Isn't that funny? I guess I may have to start listening to my Early Music CDs by myself!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling a Tad Discouraged

It's been a long, hot, dry summer. And here we are in August. I've always felt like August here in the Southeast really knows what the dog days really are. It's too hot to work, things look like they are done. Done with the heat, humidity, and ready to go dormant any ol' time. This gardening season started off so promising. Evan's Garden was re-done and looking amazing. It's mostly hanging in there, but there are a few things (Chocolate Joe Pye Weed, for instance) that may not make it. I've lost other things along the way. It's so discouraging to put so much effort, time, and heart into a project, and then Mother Nature doesn't bring the rain. Sure, I've done some watering. I lug the hose and sprinkler around. I also tote my watering cans up and down the hill with water from the rain barrel (which is A/C drainage mostly, not rain!) But still things are wilty. Will they make it? I'll just have to wait and see. I truly hope this is not a sign of things to come. I don't want to have desert for a back yard! hopefully, this fall will bring more rain, but not flooding like last year! Where is the happy medium?!

Sweet, Sweet Melody!

Justin and I had a few days to ourselves over the weekend. My parents were keeping the kids (after an excellent trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine!) I had hoped to get a few things done, but I wasn't feeling so smooth. So mostly, I just sat around moping and feeling crappy. Justin, on the other hand, installed a "new" CD player in my car. Duncan tried playing quarters instead of CDs in the old one, and ruined the player. When Justin took the old one out, it jingled! The "new" player is new to the car, but it isn't exactly new. No, no, it's not used. It's a Christmas present from Christmas 2008. So, it's been sitting in a box for a year and a half. Once Justin got going on the installation, he came in and said, "I think you may be cross with me." "Oh?" I said, "Why?" He replied, "Because this looks like it's going to take all of 20 minutes." Oh well, at least it's done now...right? And now I'm not at the mercy of whatever is on the radio. If I want to listen to something different...easy peasy. I haven't taken any CDs out to the car, yet. I had several old ones in there. Mostly Christmas music. But there were a few early music CDs (The Harmonious Blacksmith- Harpsichord music played by Trevor Pinnock and Harmonices Musice Odhecaton A performed by Les Flamboyants), Telemann, and Ralph's World.

The kids and I were in the car for a trip to the grocery store yesterday. Duncan noticed the new player right away. He probably mentioned solar power and satellites, as those are, apparently, what keeps things in his world powered. Oh yeah, and space pipes. I put the Les Flamboyants disc in. It starts with one of my favorite pieces of music in the world: De tous biens plaine. And pretty soon I started to get some comments from the peanut gallery in the back seat. He wanted "wock and woll" music. I don't happen to have any rock CDs in the car just yet (just give me time!).

So I put the Ralph's World CD in. This was a disc we picked up for Evan after seeing a performance on the Today Show. Non-cheesy music for kids. Cool. He loved it. We loved it. It's pretty scratched up from use and handling, but mostly still plays. We haven't listened to it since shortly after we lost Evan. I know how certain pieces of music can make me feel joyous or melancholy. We all have musical memories. The songs from childhood always have a special place, and usually conjure up happy memories. But there are those songs that touch us so deeply that they evoke an emotional reaction. A song that makes you cry every time. I thought playing Ralph's World may be tough. The first song went ok, but then one of Evan's favorites came on, and I just fell apart. Of course, Duncan was in back listening to the music attentively. I think I may have fast forwarded on to the next one, because he began to protest, "Listen to the monkeys in the trees!" We went shopping and listened some more on the way home. This time there were no tears. And, thankfully, there were plenty of hugs and kisses when we got home.