Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Week in the Garden

I ventured out a week or so ago in spite of the heat and got some pictures of a few things that are making summer time look good.

This, I believe, is Dryopteris ludoviciana, or Southern Wood Fern. I think it has some other common names, too, like Southern Shield Fern. It sure makes it confusing when trying to find out information on a plant, when looking by common name. It's native to my area, and has done really, really well in a partly sunny spot. In some books it says Southern Shield Fern is evergreen or semi-evergreen. I just planted it this year, so I'll be interested to see what it does come Winter.

I'm so happy with Evan's Garden this year! It's mostly brand new, and I had thought about moving the location and changing themes. But I'm so glad I didn't (or, at least I am until another flood!) I was able to continue the animal theme with some of my new plants. This Ligularia is also known as Leopard Plant. This is my first bloom (and it's still blooming!) I looked at the other plants today, and it looks like I will have more soon! I love the happy yellow flowers! It's pictured with Ostrich Fern (a native!)

Another native plant is Aeschulus parviflora. Also known as Buckeye. I had 4 blooms this year. When this shrub gets to full size 6-10' tall by 8-15' wide, it's going to be spectacular! I'm also interested to see the seed (which looks like a buck eye, hence the name.) We picked them up as kids for good luck.

The orange Crososmia looks amazing. As usual. Also pictured are Echinacea "White Swan" (former resident of Evan's Garden) and Rudbeckia hirta. I've had lots of bee visitors to the Crocosmia.

This is Dahlia "Pam Howden." I'm considering moving her over to my Shrub Island/Family Garden. She doesn't get much sun where she is, due to the stupid Crocosmia. I also have a Daylily "Justin Brent" to move there, if I can find it amongst the...Crocosmia. Sigh.

Duncan and I watched this butterfly go from flower to flower on this Echinacea "Kim's Mophead." Such a lovely little visitor.

And the Coneflowers have been blooming like crazy!

We're working on the backyard project over the 4th of July weekend, so hopefully we'll have some good pictures soon.

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Sherrie said...

Nice! The Pam Howden rocks my world.