Monday, July 19, 2010

Is it Just Me?

I used to laugh at moms who said they'd go to the bathroom for some peace and quiet. I thought, "Geez, couldn't you find a better place than that?" or "You need to escape from your kids? Umm...didn't you want to have children?!" Of course, now I understand. It's hard to have peace and quiet with the constant monologuing and "Mine, mine, mine!" going on. Let alone some time to myself. So, yes, I go to the bathroom and read a little bit longer than necessary, just because I need a little break sometimes. But it seems like this is when the little ones decide to do some interior decorating downstairs. So today, while reading C.S Lewis' "The Magician's Nephew," I hear Duncan's voice calling from the bottom of the stairs. "Mommy!" I reply, "I'll be down in a minute." I suppose I should have been suspicious, because it was quiet downstairs. When the children are quiet, something is wrong.


"Hold oooon!"

"Miranda's making a mess!"

Ahh. There it is. Miranda's into something, and Duncan is tattling. He seems to enjoy getting his little sister in trouble. He needs to learn that she does a pretty good job of that on her own! I went downstairs, unsure of what to expect. Miranda's messes can sometimes be described as epic.

"Miranda made a mess in the kitchen!" says Duncan. He sounds way too excited.

I walked into the kitchen. Miranda was standing in a chair at the kitchen table. She'd gotten the chocolate syrup out of the fridge, poured a bit in the bowl, and a lot on the table and chair. She was scooping the syrup up with her hands and shoveling it into her mouth. Her face was covered in chocolate. Her hair had brown ends, and her arms were covered up to her elbows! I imagine had I gotten there a minute earlier, I probably would have heard her say, "Nummy nummy!"

And yet another cleanup ensued. Does anyone else have these epic messes from their kids, or is it just me?

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Amy said...

Benjamin has always been pretty "good," as far as getting into stuff. But I think it's only a matter of time before Louis starts into the messes. I think he is capable of giving Miranda a run for her money, if only I were to leave him alone for long enough. He recently learned to open the fridge. So I'm in trouble. I don't, in fact, hide in the bathroom, because I am scared of the consequences. So I don't get the time to myself. But I'm terrified of finding him up on the kitchen counter with the sharp knives or something.

Remind me to tell you my poop story one day. Now that was a mess to end all messes. (It was the kids' poop (yes both of them) not mine!)