Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colorful Visitor

I was excited to see a beautiful little Goldfinch in the garden recently. I rushed to get the camera, and then cursed my shaky hand. I finally had to stabilize the camera on something steady, and got a few decent pics.

He flew over to the Cutleaf Coneflower for a snack. The Goldfinches are the main reason I keep that plant. Another of my love/hate relationships. It's tall and lanky (I suppose I could prune it for size, eh?), and it gets pathetically wilty in the heat around here. But the flowers! The flowers are stunning! And, apparently, tasty. To birds, at least.

I look forward to a return visit!

1 comment:

Sherrie said...

WOW, great photos! What a cutie he is!