Friday, June 25, 2010

Rock On!

I'm a firm believer that you can bang your head to pretty much any kind of music. Sure, loads of rock bands and rock band fans get their bobblehead on all the time, but what about other musical genres? What about Classical? Listen to the fabulous Paul Odette...

Oh what? Baroque guitar is cheating? Well, what about a little harpsichord? "Surely not," you say. The Gavotte and 6 Doubles by Rameau is probably my favorite piece for harpsichord (with Trevor Pinnock playing--the man is an octopus!) It may not have your head bobbing right away, but if you're not doing a bob by the last few minutes, there's something wrong with you.

Still think I'm cheating because harpsichord has percussive qualities? Well, I once did a little head banging while listening to a flutist friend playing the Piston Sonata, but I can't say that it was my best effort (rock on, Jeana!) Here's something orchestral to get the blood pumping. Dvorak's Slavonic Dance Number 1.

There are loads of other examples of classical music that rocks, if you still don't believe me. But I will leave you with you with my favorite headbanger in modern rock music, Chris Wolstenholme, bassist of the band Muse.

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